Transform Employee Performance

Test and understand your employees to transform performance

Your people make your business, yet they are often misunderstood. Thrive scientifically measures and helps develop employee behaviours that produce high performing teams.

Research has consistently shown that the main factor influencing employee performance is their behaviours.

Thrive enables you to scientifically measure employee behaviour to gain a deeper understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and overall organisational fit, and so you can  make more informed decisions when it comes to upskilling, replicating high performance and identifying top talent for future promotions.

Not only can Thrive help transform overall performance, it also helps your individual employees further their own development and career by providing personal reports indicating their preferred behaviours at work.

In just 12 minutes, understand and show which behaviours are missing from your business, skill gaps, team strengths and where each team and individual needs to develop to improve overall performance.

Measure and pinpoint improvement areas for employee wellbeing and engagement, predict retention, as well as being able to test for and identify any risk areas.

How Thrive’s simple self-service platform works:

Get data-driven insights for employee development

To get started, simply select the behaviours to test that you feel are critical to your business success.

Understand your current working climate

Gather critical insights from your people by sending out surveys in the four areas which have the greatest impact on performance, motivation and the effectiveness of HR.

Simple overall scores to make the right decisions

A proprietary, scientific formula provides you with overall company performance scores within each category, allowing you to quickly scan across and see a summary of how the company is performing.

Team performance

Identify and understand the exact behaviours that drive the success of your teams, or where you need to invest in training.

Drill down into individual data

Get a detailed view of candidate's individual results broken down by each of the tested behaviours.

Personalised development

Employees will receive their own personalised development plans, created by psychologists, with advice on how to improve their own performance.