Hire the candidates who'll thrive

Hiring the wrong person is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

Thrive offers the most scientifically robust psychometric assessments in the market. Beautifully designed for SMEs.


Why use Psychometrics

Scientific data shows hiring assessments are the highest predictor of job success.

The right assessments give you objective scientific data helping you make an informed decision that goes beyond any CV or hiring manager.

Psychometrics will save you time and money by reducing the risk of making a bad hire.

One bad hire can cost your business £50,000. Thrive will reduce that risk and costs just 150 p/m.


Our technology is used and trusted by 500+ companies


Our numbers speak for themselves

Our assessments are powered by Aon, where for 30 years their leading science and pricing has focused on large corporate employers.

Thrive now unlocks that same enterprise quality but engineered into a beautiful, on demand self service product, priced for SMEs.

  • 30M

    Assessments completed in 2019

  • 12M

    Candidates were assessed last year

  • 90

    Different countries where our assessments were used

  • >200,000

    Job roles to pick from to assess suitability

  • >50%

    Likelihood of a hiring manager making a bad decision

  • 14%

    Of unstructured job interviews predict top talent

  • 74%

    Say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position

  • 27%

    Of companies said a bad hiring decision cost them over £50k

Find the best fit for any role

200,000 roles to pick from, whether you're looking to hire a delivery driver, an accountant or a CEO, we have the right assessments.


Role-specific assessments

You pick the role you’re hiring for and in real time Thrive communicates with Aon to prepare the exact, scientifically valid selection of assessments required to assess your candidates.


Extend your assessments

Every company is unique and your hiring algorithms should be too. Pick further assessments from a wide range of available modules to suit your company’s requirements.


We take care of the scheduling

Schedule assessments to be sent to candidates whenever you want them to be, using Thrive’s scheduling and email tool.


Candidates ranked by an overall score

A proprietary backed, scientific formula validates the candidate’s overall suitability, gathering all assessment results into just one score. Then drill down into each candidate to see the breakdown of how they performed.


Reduce the risk of a bad hire

Thrive detects the risk of each candidate and even compiles questions written by our psychologists for you to use in interviews to help dig deeper into these risk areas.


A vast range of custom modules