The all-in-one platform designed to transform your people strategy 

Immediate access to 1000s of top-quality candidates.
Quick search to find hyper relevant candidates using specific criteria, behaviours or skills.
All candidates have already been assessed on cognitive and personality traits.
Candidate reports, including interview questions are ready for managers to use.
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FREE to interview, search & shortlist
Job- specific assessments across 200,000 roles.
100s of skills assessments available to test candidate's proficiency and expertise in specific areas of subject matter knowledge, with ability to create new skills easily and quickly on platform.
Fully customisable to find the perfect fit candidate.
Two overall suitability scores formulated for skills and psychometrics, allowing for comparison across multiple candidates as well as detailed views of each candidates individual results, with interview questions to dig into risk areas.
From £5 / $7 / €6 per person
World-leading behavioural assessment, assessing over 18 employee behaviours, which provides critical feedback to transform performance.
Gather further critical insights using culture surveys to improve employee wellbeing, engagement, retention and remote working effectiveness.
One detailed dashboard providing you with overall company performance scores within each category, the exact behaviours that drive the success of specific teams, and also a detailed view of candidate's individual results
Employees will receive their own personalised development plans with advice on how to improve their own performance.
From £5 / $6 / €6 per month

Thrive vs The Market

Rest of the market
One simple, self-service platform to find and interview talent, assess candidates and transform employee performance
World leading assessments testing 12m+ people globally per year
Attendance tracking
Role specific assessments picked by psychologists
Assessments customise to fit the specific role and your culture
Create your own jobs with customised assessments for specific behaviours unique to you
Validated assessments - independently accredited to ensure fairness, reliability and prediction
Check before you buy!
Skills, Cognitive Ability, Personality,
Behaviour and Culture Assessments/
Surveys, all built by leading psychologists
Lowest cost

Start for free
Average cost of £100 per assessment
Automatic results for managers, candidates & employees including interview questions unique to job function and seniority 
Free integration with your ATS if required
Usually carries an additional cost

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