Test Candidates

Use data to hire top candidates with the right behaviours & skills

Take the guesswork out of your hiring process with Thrive’s world-leading hiring assessments. Avoid costly mis hires by recruiting the right people with the right behaviours.

Hiring the wrong person is an extremely expensive and time consuming mistake. Thrive's
market-leading skills, personality and cognitive ability assessments have been developed to help companies identify the right candidates for their business, whilst remaining fair and objective and ultimately saving time and money. 

All assessments can be personalised to fit within any unique culture and Thrive benchmark's candidates against 1000s of others to provide the highest level of predictive validity and to see how knowledge, behaviours and competencies compare.

When risk areas are identified, Thrive's leading psychologists provide questions to help structure interviews.

Vast library of roles

Pick from over 200,000 roles spanning across all different seniority levels and industries.

12 mins
Get results quickly and efficiently

Complete a full Thrive personality assessment to understand suitability in just 12 minutes.

Predicting job success

Assessments are 14x better at predicting job performance than interviews, work experience, CVs and education.

How Thrive's simple self-service platform works:

Every job is different. Pick from over 200,000 to predict performance

To get started, simply pick the job role you're hiring for,  from a delivery driver to a CEO, our assessments change to the critical behaviours that predicts job success.

Customise assessments to exact job requirements and company culture

See the behaviours that objectively predict success for your exact role, then build on this by customising to exactly what you need. Add the necessary skills needed to perform the role well and adjust proficiency needed.

Candidate scheduling made easy

Thrive’s scheduling and email tool makes it easy to schedule assessments to be sent to candidates whenever you need.

Two simple overall scores to make the right decision

A proprietary, scientific formula provides you with an overall suitability, gathering all assessment results into just two scores for both skills and psychometrics - allowing you to quickly scan across candidates.

Drill down into individual data

Get a detailed view of candidate's individual results, broken down by each ability and personality assessment, and see how strongly they align with each behaviour.

Structure your interview with questions based on assessment results

Where Thrive has measured a risk, you receive interview questions written by a leading psychologist to help you structure interviews. Questions are personalised to the candidate's seniority and job role.