Find Talent

Find and interview the best talent

Personality and aptitude tests are the strongest predictors of job performance. Find the right candidate by choosing who to interview based on the results of pre-assessed candidates.

Thrive’s vast candidate database gives you immediate access to 1000s of top-quality candidates. They are uniquely placed in the market as they have already been assessed on cognitive and personality behaviours - the most accurate predictors of job suitability. 

Managers can quickly and easily browse through relevant candidates and their data, as well as suggested interview questions to make quick decisions on who to shortlist, interview and ultimately hire.

Get immediate access to data and contact details that will enable you to make the right hire, first time round.

Completely free to browse, shortlist and interview, you only pay 10% upon making a successful hire! Saving you up to 50% in comparison to recruiters.

How Thrive’s talent finding tool works:

Every role is different. Pick from a variety of criteria to find the right fit

To get started, simply select the specific behaviours, skills, seniority and candidate criteria you are looking for.

View 1000s of pre-assessed candidates

Based on your search criteria, candidates will then appear side by side for you to compare.

Drill down into individual data

Get a detailed view of a candidate's individual assessment results and criteria, broken down by each ability and personality assessment.

Immediate access to contact details

If you like a candidate, simply click 'shortlist' and you'll also be able to view their CV and Linkedin. Reach out to them via email or phone to see if they are interested in an interview!

Confirm the hire and make huge savings

If a shortlisted candidate is successfully hired, simply confirm the final salary details with us and  your fee is reduced to 10%!