Thrive prides itself on having the highest standards in the market.

We use market-leading science to achieve our mission and to make sure our assessments are always valid, objective and fair.

Years of academic research has proven personality and cognitive ability (aptitude) are the strongest predictors of job performance because they measure specific psychological constructs which are required for performance and are stable over the medium to long term. Whilst education, experience and interviews do correlate to performance, they are much weaker. 

Thrive’s team of leading occupational psychologists use this extensive research and the established principles of test theory to design the framework for our assessments.

To make sure we provide accurate and powerful insights, we employ rigorous validation procedures that ensure the validity and reliability of our assessments in measuring key predictors of performance. This includes analysis that protects our assessments against potential bias and adverse impact, ensuring fairness and objectivity across diverse groups.

We leverage the data we gain to advocate the continuous development of our assessments, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of measuring performance and providing valuable feedback to individuals and organisations.

Our Vision

Here at Thrive, our vision is to radically improve the measurement of behaviour in the world of work - transforming individual and organisation decision making, potential and performance.

Our Mission

Using data, advanced psychology and science, and hyper-personalised assessments, we can accurately measure, predict and up-skill potential candidates and employees so that employers are able to make data-driven, informed decisions.

Our Purpose

Because people are the most important part of any organisation, yet somehow they are they least understood. This misunderstanding leads to poor decisions, underperforming workplaces and suffocating individual potential growth.

Our Core Values

We learn faster through feedback

We listen to feedback from customers and colleagues to ensure we are continuously improving ourselves and our products.

We proactively collaborate

We collaborate through leveraging our collective genius. We encourage inter-team and cross-team collaboration, information sharing and support in order to educate, learn and progress as one.

We are relentless to the mission

We celebrate achievements and company success together. We are working passionately as one to achieve our mission.

We create impact

We move fast and focus on impact—impact to the market, impact to our customers and impact on our team.

We are all leaders

We take full ownership and pride in our work. Being a leader and empowering yourself means we focus on our own capability and execution.

We are open and respectful

We are mindful of the environment, considerate of people and their data and respectful to our employees.

Ethics and Data Handling

Thrive meets all GDPR requirements in addition to UK Data Protection.All data is stored and processed within the EU and UK.We provide transparency and sensitivity with all data. Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

GDPR compliant

Ethics and Data Handling

Text: Here is how we store data, how we respect it, our compliance with GDPR and ISO compliance and security

GDPR compliant